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What is CryptoTand?

CryptoTand is a website for storing and investing cryptocurrencies with a fixed profit rate of 2.5% per week without any risks




How can I invest with CryptoTand?

1- Enter the registration page and fill in your information

2- Verify your account by clicking on the link which was sent to your email

3- Enter the balance page and make a deposit to charge your account

4- After charging the account, go to the "cycles" page and open a new course with the amount to be invested

5- At the end of this cycle, profits will be added to your account, and you can withdraw them




Can I market for CryptoTands in exchange of a commission?

Yes, you can market to us by inviting people to click on your affiliate link in exchange for a commission of 1% of the total funds invested through that link in the last 7 days

If you own a website or YouTube channel, or even if you are a regular and not very popular person, you can post your affiliate link and earn weekly income that you will achieve with Bitcoin


Here is a simple example

Suppose you invite 10 people to invest in our site and they register with us via your affiliate link, and each person invests $ 2000.

In this case, the total amount invested will be $ 20,000, and you will earn 1% of weekly profits are added to your account directly, this means that your profits will reach $ 200 per week continuously as long as the customer's amount is still active





How much does it cost to open an account?

Nothing! All CryptoTand accounts are 100% free for customers!





Can I have more than one account?

Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want.





Do I need to prove my identity?

No. You can work with us without verifying your identity





Is CryptoTand secure?

Yes. We take all possible measures to keep your funds safe and secure.


Remote offline storage

90% of all funds are stored on remote servers which are disconnected from the internet and which accept no incoming connections. Our employees do not have access to these funds.


Encrypted connection over SSL

Our website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (https). A+ class SSL/TLS certificate.



We hash user passwords stored in our database. Valuable user data is stored encrypted.

Security email notifications

A confirmation code will be sent on your email with every withdrawal attempt on your account

You will also receive notifications on your e-mail of deposits and withdrawals, starting investment cycles, and ending investment cycles





Why does my total account balance seem to change?

We convert your digital currencies into US dollars, and due to market fluctuations, you may notice that your Bitcoin balance is changing regularly.

Don't worry about that, your balance is stored in US dollars and will not be affected by price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies





I lost my password. How do I reset it?

From the login page, click on forgot password and enter your email address

You will receive a message on your e-mail explaining the instructions for resetting the password





Can I see the total account balance in my native currency?

Yes, the account balance and the balance of profits are displayed in US dollars





Is there a minimum deposit and withdrawal?

Yes, the minimum deposit is 100 USD

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD





Can I withdraw my capital at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your capital and it will be transferred directly to your wallet address





How quickly will I receive my money?

Money sent or received from outside services are validated immediately and the funds will be available once the transactions are verified by the cryptocurrency networks.

This is usually takes 10-30 minutes, but on rare occasions can take a few hours to complete



Are there fees for deposits and withdrawals?

We do not ask for any additional fees, only Bitcoin transaction fees



Can I cancel a payment that I've already sent?

No. To be precise - payments cannot be reversed by you


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Crypto Tand is a platform for digital currency investment through secure crypto loans, We guarantee clients not to lose their money and give them the power to withdraw it at any time, and we also guarantee protection of money from price fluctuations because we convert the money into a currency equivalent to the US dollar to protect it from any volatility and when you request a withdrawal we send the amount to you As per the current market price For assistance, visit the Help Center