How does CryptoTand

Cryptotand is an investing cryptocurrencies platform in leveraged loans without any risks of losing your core capital.

CryptoTand was established in 2019. In a short period, we managed to spread and achieve a great success, gaining the trust of many clients from several countries.

Invest your assets without any risks. With our insurance system, you can invest your encrypted assets without risking them and make a steady reliable profit calculated in US dollars.


How does CryptoTand make profits?

When you charge your account and start a new investment cycle, the site stores the assets, which you invested in a secure wallet in a digital currency equivalent to the US dollar so that the price fluctuations will not affect your money

We provide crypto loans and leverage in exchange for a crypto mortgage for the client and charge profit rates on the money that was loaned. We secure the capital because this system is very safe and does not have any risks. With this system we will be able to achieve profits at a constant rate of 2.5% per week.

This means, you can achieve a 10% constant profit per month without having a prior experience in trading, because we guarantee you a steady profit without any additional work from you.


Is it safe to work with us?

Our site is protected by full encryption to protect us against hacking attacks or data theft. All withdrawals are reviewed to prevent any hacking of your account.

All cryptocurrencies are stored in digital currencies equivalent to US dollar so that price changes do not affect your money. Clients can withdraw and deposit at any time without any restrictions or additional requirements and without fees, "except for the bitcoin network fees", which are simple fees.


Does the customer need a prior experience?

No, customers can invest with us without any prior experience, because we are the ones who invest the money without any risks.


Can customers withdraw at any time?

Yes, customers can withdraw profits at any time easily and without additional fees, "except for Bitcoin network fees", which is a small amount


What are the supported currencies for withdrawals and deposits?

Investors can deposit and withdraw via Bitcoin. Withdrawals and deposits usually take between 15 to 30 minutes.


Are there any fees?

No, there are no additional fees except for Bitcoin transaction fees as mentioned before.


Is there a minimum deposit and withdrawal?

Yes, the minimum deposit is 100 dollars, which you can deposit via Bitcoin and the minimum withdrawal is 10 dollars, which you can withdraw to your Bitcoin account.


If the value of Bitcoin falls, will this affect the clients' money?

No, because we convert the received sums into a currency equivalent to the US dollar, and this ensures that no fluctuations will occur. Then when a client requests a withdrawal, we transfer the amount to Bitcoin at the current market price and then send it back to the customer.


Is it possible for withdrawals and deposits to delay?

Usually withdrawals and deposits are done in a short time, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, but in some cases, a delay of several hours may occur.


Can clients market for us in exchange of commission?

Yes, you can share your referral link and marketing to the site for a weekly commission of 1% on the total funds invested in the last week via your referral link, and this enables you to achieve additional income

This will enable our marketers and website owners to achieve a monthly income up to 4% of the total funds that were traded in the last 30 days and continuously.You can visit the marketing page for more details.


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Crypto Tand is a platform for digital currency investment through secure crypto loans, We guarantee clients not to lose their money and give them the power to withdraw it at any time, and we also guarantee protection of money from price fluctuations because we convert the money into a currency equivalent to the US dollar to protect it from any volatility and when you request a withdrawal we send the amount to you As per the current market price For assistance, visit the Help Center